She Discovers That Wearing Vibrating Panties To The Ball Game Was Really BAD Idea…


Couples who have been together for a long time have to go out of their way to keep their relationships going strong and feeling fresh. They have to practice good communication, mutual respect, and patience — and in the bedroom, they also have to keep things spicy.
Sometimes, those efforts manage to find their way out of the bedroom. Such was the case with this young couple, who seemed to take something scandalous with them to the baseball stadium: A pair of vibrating panties. We’re not 100% sure that’s what’s going on here, but after seeing the photos and the video, this is our best guess:
Girl wears vibrating panties.
Girl and guy go to sporting event.
Guy has remote for vibrating panties in his pocket.
Guy turns on vibrating panties.
Girl reacts in the best possible way.
See the hilarious moment for yourself, below. The face she makes is totally priceless.

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