8 Celebrities Whose Nude Photos Were Leaked Online


Part of being a celebrity is sitting down and giving interviews, signing autographs, and posing for pictures with fans. Many argue this is part of the game. The magazines, gossip TV shows, and the paparazzi feel they “own” the rights to publish and discuss actors and singers’ lives. They argue they would never be in a film or sell their music without the free publicity.
Their talent and hard work seem to be secondary when it comes to exploiting them. Nevertheless, the rich and famous want to have a regular life too. And part of that is being in a romantic relationship. Whether it’s kissing, holding hands, or going out to dinner with their significant others, celebrities want to experience the same things as everyone else.
One popular thing that couples do is exchange sexy, hot photos of themselves. Some are in barely there lingerie or fully nude. These images are personal; intended for a specific person. Yet hackers love to steal and sell photos of famous women. Here are some celebs whose photos have fallen in the hands of internet trolls.

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