This Naked Woman Was Wearing NOTHING At All But Paint, And No One Had A Clue…


It sounds like something out of a bad dream we had once: You arrive at work, and suddenly, you realize that you’re naked. No one seems to be reacting, but you know you’re exposed nonetheless — let the cold sweats begin.
That’s kind of what happened to this young woman, but it wasn’t part of her dream. Instead, she did it intentionally. No, she didn’t just walk out into the world totally butt naked — instead, she enlisted the help of body paint that looked exactly like clothing, entering into public spaces with just pigment and a tiny bit of cloth covering her body.
It sounds like a crazy experiment, but it also teaches a powerful lesson about perception, body image, and realizing that no matter what you look like, it’s what’s inside that counts. See more of the story below.

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