Shiho Yoshimura Is Officially The Hottest Athlete Of The Rio Olympics!


You’ve probably never heard her name before, as she didn’t make too many American headlines during the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, you might have noticed her on the volleyball court, as she’s a powerhouse that knows how to spike a ball with serious force. As it turns out, a lot of people happened to notice her, too — even if it was for the strangest possible reasons.
She’s Shiho Yoshimura, and she’s one of the best players on the Japanese Olympic volleyball team. She’s enthusiastic on the court, but what people are really taking notice of is her physique — she’s got mermaid thighs, in the best possibly way. She would also make an excellent comic book hero, and as you’ll see below, people have already figured that out. Find out what makes this athlete so special — and why she’s already got a serious amount of fan art — below.

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