11 Most Scariest Horror Movies Based On True Stories!


Well, think! What if I told you that your favorite ghost story wasn’t just a story after all? Although, it is true that the horror stories are either spawned by novelists like Stephen King or screenwriters such as Wes Craven, little do we know that some of the best horror stories are actually retellings of true events.
Well, it changes everything! Doesn’t it? Wait a minute! What if the makers are trying to trick you? Maybe they feel that it would boost the movie’s overall appeal. But, sometimes it is not black and white. There are instances when a horror story is neither a work of fiction nor a retelling of an actual event. Yes, I am referring to those cases wherein a horror movie is merely inspired by a true event-a horror story that is a blend of fiction and reality. Fact can indeed be stranger than fiction but when the two combine seamlessly the end product can be fiendishly delectable.
Regardless of their origins, horror stories can be really fascinating. When adapted into movies, these stories take a completely new form that’s scarier than ever, all thanks to the clever use of sound and special effects. To watch a horror movie in a theatre is more like a first-hand experience of the story on offer. It is really the closest one can get to witnessing the supernatural. So, allow me to serve you a horror feast as we take a look at 10 horror movies that are said to be inspired by real events.

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