21 Secrets McDonald’s Employees Will NEVER Tell You

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I learned a few SECRETS during my time at McDonald’s, and as I’ve never been good at keeping secrets, I think it’s time you found out what McDonald’s employees really get up to behind the counter, what they really think about their customers, and whether or not all those horror stories are real…
1. Drop It Like It’s Hot

Okay, I’ve never seen anybody spit in a customer’s food – but dropping food is a different story. When you’re under pressure to get an order out, mistakes can happen, but as long as a manager didn’t see, employees will pick up food from the floor and send it out.
On one occasion I was under pressure to get an Apple Pie out as soon as possible. Rushing, I dropped the pie and the filling shot all over the floor. Of course, I did the sensible thing and picked up the pastry shell, packaged it and sent it out anyway.


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