One-Of-A-Kind Chicken Coops Make Adorable Backyard Additions


These days, it’s starting to feel like no backyard is complete without a gorgeous chicken coop and a rowdy gaggle of hens.

Whether you’re just looking for a different kind of pet, or absolutely love farm fresh eggs in the morning, owning chickens can be an exciting adventure.

To properly house chickens in a domestic setting, you really need to have your own coop. Designing and building said coop can be an adventure in and of itself.

Building a chicken coop is a fantastic opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Between all the different design directions you can try and every innovative feature a coop can possess, the possibilities are truly endless!

Chicken coop construction can begin with an older item, ripe for upcycling, or simply start entirely from scratch.

Like any DIY project, though, starting by browsing the projects others have already put together is a great tactic for generating exciting ideas and troubleshooting planning challenges before it’s too late.

Scroll through below for a look at all sorts of creative chicken coop construction ideas, tips, and tricks.

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