Kind Police Protect A Mama Dove During Her Time Of Need


It was an ordinary day at the Parma Police Department in Ohio — until officers noticed something strange on one of the backup police cruisers in the station’s parking lot…

On the hood of the police car, snugged on top of the vent next to the windshield, police were shocked to see a very unexpected guest: a mourning dove!

But this wasn’t just any mourning dove. This was a mama mourning dove!

With some dried grass and leaves, this gentle little mother had fashioned a nest for herself — and inside lay two little eggs.

Luckily, many police officers take their duty of protecting those who need it beyond the bounds of just fellow humans, like the officer in Australia who stepped up to become a mom to an orphaned kangaroo joey.

Because sometimes, in this crowded and difficult word, it’s the wild animals that really need the most help.

So when the officers in Parma discovered their new tenant, they leapt into action. See what they did for this bird mom below!

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