Police Dad Posts Incredible Message On Facebook That’s Going Viral


Officer Jason Huber of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department is a man who willingly puts his life on the line every single day.

It was a normal night, nothing too big had happened, so when he got the chance to come home to have a quick dinner break with his family, he happily jumped on the opportunity.

His daughter was awake way past her bedtime, but that was OK. Especially with the huge amounts of hugs and kisses she was giving Daddy! They shared their meal together, but Dad had to say goodbye and get back to work. That’s when the unthinkable happened.

Cops all across our country are a very special type of person. Officer Huber is just one of many who represents what it means to be a good member of the community. These people are so drawn to protecting others that they’re willing to risk their lives just to keep other people safe.

The vast majority of these men and women are the very best you could ever hope to meet. But recently, there have been random attacks against police.

Officer Huber is thankful for the thoughts and prayers that come with each attack on an officer, but he realized it wasn’t enough. He wants action, and he posted an incredible message that instantly went viral.

Please scroll through the incredible story below if you think we need to stand up for our cops!

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