Wisconsin Couple Has Three Sets Of Twins With The Same Birthday


It’s a scenario that’s happened to many couples before: they think they can’t conceive and end up pregnant when they least expect it.

Some couples are told they are infertile before their miracle arrives, while others try for years before they get the happy news they’ve been waiting for.

Craig and Carrie Kosinski faced similar challenges. Doctors told the Racine County, WI, couple that it would be very difficult for them to have babies of their own. In turn, the couple decided to adopt two sets of twins from the same mother.

“Well, I was adopted. So prior to us getting married, I had talked to him about adopting because that was always on my heart to do that,” Carrie told WITI.
Yet, the Kosinskis decided to also try to get pregnant and succeeded with the help of doctors.

What makes their story even more incredible? Not only did the couple welcome another set of twins (girls), they were also born on the same day as all four of their other children: February 28.

And six children may not be the end for this happy couple.

“I grew up in a big family,” Carrie said. “Growing up, I had always wanted like 18 children, was my number.”
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