16 College Struggles All Students Go Through When Trying To Survive


I’m one of those weird people who had a love/hate relationship with school. While I was there, I dreaded ever going to class. This is probably a big reason why I missed all of the month of November because I slept in till dinnertime. But once I buckled down and got my degree, I found myself actually missing it.

Maybe it was just my immaturity showing, or maybe I just wasn’t ready for the responsibilities of real life, but I found myself right back in that classroom after taking a year away to actually earn some money.

That’s when I discovered I was definitely too old to be trying to recreate freshman year as a grown man. Live and learn.
Luckily, I’ve escaped for what is hopefully the final time. But I’ll always look back fondly at school as the place where I could really get away with anything, because one day people will actually pay you real money, and at that point you can’t just sleep your way through life. Lesson learned.

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