Photo Of Pregnant Women Just Weeks Apart Is Going Viral..



Every woman’s body responds differently when it comes to pregnancy

A lot of women don’t show for a very long time, others have a baby bump right away. Some women’s babies sit low, while others carry their babies high in their belly.

The same goes for after the birth, some women’s bodies return to their pre-pregnancy state, while others have changed — as with this stunning mother who learned to love her stretch marks.

But in the case of fitness guru and soon-to-be mother Chontel Hau, photos of her pregnancy are causing quite the stir.

Chontel runs her own fitness company called HIIT Australia and has spent her life embracing nutrition and fitness. When Chontel was five months pregnant, she posted Instagram photos next to her six month pregnant friend.

The pics have since gone viral, shocking people all over the world.

Check below for a look at Chontel’s amazing pregnancy pictures, as well as her inspirational message about excepting the beautiful changes that come with pregnancy, good or bad.


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